Hi, I'm Rohan

I'm a full time student, developer, and hacker.

About Me

  • 1995


    I was born on December 23rd, 1995, in Bridgewater, NJ. I had the privledge of gaining a great education in my schooling, building up to higher level classes in later years.

  • 2005


    I recieved my first video game console, a Playstation Portable. After getting bored with playing video games, I decided to try my hand at making my own games, using Actionscript (Adobe Flash), which could be played via the console's web browser.

  • 2006-2015


    My love of programming has led me to learn more languages and technologies. I currently attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, pursing a Computer Engineering and Business Management double major.

  • Current:
    at UIUC!

Past Work


(Java + C)
Custom Android OS distribution with better features and customization. Over 10 million downloads worldwide, and widely publicized.


(Java + C)
Android app for ScanTron grading using computer vision libraries. Winner of 2nd place at hackRU Fall 2014.


Android app that takes lecture notes for you and emails you an autogenerated study guide. Winner of Best Live App at hackBCA 2014.


(Javascript + Node.js)
Web app that compares financial data and sentiments in social media to trends and predicts future stock movement. Winner of Best Bloomberg Hack at PennApps Spring 2014.

Oculus Thrift

Custom built-from-scratch Oculus Rift-esque VR suite including power glove and myo armband for mouse control. In the Top 30 hacks at PennApps Fall 2014.


Android app that takes user's budget, time allotment, and interests and then crafts a day in a city of their choice using different APIs for attraction info.

Stalking Condom

(Javascript + JQuery)
Chrome extension that confirms with the user that they intended to like a post on Facebook if the item is a long time in the past.


(Javascript + Node.js)
Tinder bot made in Node.js that automatically likes all recommendations availible to the user's profile.

UIUC Class Checker

Checks every (user defined duration) to see if spots in a certain class open up. When they do, text you via Twilio's API!


(Java + C)
Android app that detects when a photobomber is present and attempts to remove them from the picture using frames captured right before the picture was taken.


(Yet Another Music Player App) Music player app for Android. Features powerful playback features including gapless playback and equilizer settings.


(Javascript + JQuery)
Chrome extension that adds a handy ToDo list in the top right of your browser. Can add, delete, and reorder tasks.

LGOG Convert

Conversion technique that I created which entirely converts an LG Optimus G into a Nexus 4, partitions and all. Extremely experimental and the first of its kind.


One of my customized Linux kernels for Android, includes a number of more efficient features and patches that allow the device to have greater performance than on the stock kernel.

Supreme Modpack

Collection of mods to the HP TouchPad's Android firmware that allow it to function better than on stock Android firmware.


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