Rohan Mathur's Picture Hello! I am a Software Engineer working on onboard systems software at Nuro.

Previously, I was a a CoreOS Engineer at Apple working on iOS and macOS, and before that, Software Engineer at Microsoft on the Windows Kernel team in the Seattle area. I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am also a past hackNY fellow. I love creating unique solutions to exciting problems, especially in the fields of Operating System Architecture, Firmware Engineering, and Distributed Systems.

Working for companies such as Apple, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Airware, Rithmio, and Wyng, as well as through my personal projects, I have contributed code to large operating system codebases, scalable distributed systems, backend web applications, mobile apps, and much more.

Highlighted Projects

Operating Systems Projects

AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) - an open-source aftermarket firmware distribution for Android devices, focusing on innovative features, rock-solid stability, and user customizability.

gyaradOS - a minimalist, modern monolithic operating system featuring virtualized memory (segmentation and paging), ext2fs filesystem support, keyboard/mouse/RTC/PIT/sound drivers, ELF-formatted user program execution, multiple shells, round-robin scheduling, dynamically allocated memory, and more.

Custom Android Linux Kernels - custom kernels for the LG MSM8974 family of devies and the OnePlus 3/3t that feature backported features, overclocking, and more user customization

iotop Tool for Android - ported a Linux tool for measuring I/O performance into an external Android OS library, for use with performance profiling.

AnySpot - a tweak for Jailbroken iOS devices that allows Spotlight to search a multitude of search providers.

Architecture/Embedded Projects

Pipelined Processor - a 5-stage pipelined processor supporting the full LC-3b ISA. Features split L1 caches, a unified L2 cache with cache arbiter, an eviction write buffer, MEM stage leapfrogging, instruction prefetching, and memory-mapped I/O support.

Neural Network Training on an FPGA - a poisonous mushroom classifier implemented on an Altera DE-II FPGA utilizing hardware and floating-point arithmetic for neural network backpropogation and training.

Other Projects

QuickTron - an Android app that utilizes computer vision algorithms to scan and grade Scantron grade sheets.

ModelStruct - a Python module that exposes a Python model's structure via a RESTful API, to dynamically create class definitions.

Photobomber Defuser - an Android app that attempts to remove photobombers from pictures by using previously captured frames using computer vision.

Reflections|Projections 2015 Conference App - an Android app for the annual computing conference held at UIUC.


Dynamically Improving Branch Prediction Accuracy Between Contexts (code)

Albatross: Dynamic Scaling for Heterogeneous Cycle Scavenging HTCondor Clusters

Exploring Methods to Develop Cross-Platform Apps (code 1) (code 2)

EPICS High: A Digital Literacy Project in India

EPICS High: STEM's Impact on Community Service

Cybersecurity's Importance in STEM Education

A Building Block of STEM Education: Computer Programming

Contact Information

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