Rohan Mathur's Picture Hello! I am a Software Engineer working on Onboard Systems software at Nuro.

Previously, I was a a CoreOS Engineer at Apple working on iOS and macOS, and before that, Software Engineer at Microsoft on the Windows Kernel team in the Seattle area. I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am also a past hackNY fellow.

Highlighted Projects

Operating Systems Projects

AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) - an open-source aftermarket firmware distribution for Android devices, focusing on innovative features, rock-solid stability, and user customizability.

gyaradOS - a minimalist, modern monolithic operating system featuring virtualized memory (segmentation and paging), ext2fs filesystem support, keyboard/mouse/RTC/PIT/sound drivers, ELF-formatted user program execution, multiple shells, round-robin scheduling, dynamically allocated memory, and more.

Custom Android Linux Kernels - custom kernels for the LG MSM8974 family of devies and the OnePlus 3/3t that feature backported features, overclocking, and more user customization

iotop Tool for Android - ported a Linux tool for measuring I/O performance into an external Android OS library, for use with performance profiling.

AnySpot - a tweak for Jailbroken iOS devices that allows Spotlight to search a multitude of search providers.

Architecture/Embedded Projects

Pipelined Processor - a 5-stage pipelined processor supporting the full LC-3b ISA. Features split L1 caches, a unified L2 cache with cache arbiter, an eviction write buffer, MEM stage leapfrogging, instruction prefetching, and memory-mapped I/O support.

Neural Network Training on an FPGA - a poisonous mushroom classifier implemented on an Altera DE-II FPGA utilizing hardware and floating-point arithmetic for neural network backpropogation and training.

Other Projects

QuickTron - an Android app that utilizes computer vision algorithms to scan and grade Scantron grade sheets.

ModelStruct - a Python module that exposes a Python model's structure via a RESTful API, to dynamically create class definitions.

Photobomber Defuser - an Android app that attempts to remove photobombers from pictures by using previously captured frames using computer vision.

Reflections|Projections 2015 Conference App - an Android app for the annual computing conference held at UIUC.


Dynamically Improving Branch Prediction Accuracy Between Contexts (code)

Albatross: Dynamic Scaling for Heterogeneous Cycle Scavenging HTCondor Clusters

Exploring Methods to Develop Cross-Platform Apps (code 1) (code 2)

EPICS High: A Digital Literacy Project in India

EPICS High: STEM's Impact on Community Service

Cybersecurity's Importance in STEM Education

A Building Block of STEM Education: Computer Programming

Contact Information

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